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Advertising Photographs
and Marketing Visuals

Inventing a visual universe to seduce or make you think
produit cognac bouteille publicité
photo publicité vin rosé provence
Qui ?
Who are these services for?

    For companies, craftsmen, self-employed persons, associations and various public authorities needing   photographic advertising campaigns , promotion, information or awareness.

 Through my various achievements and my Author photographs, I can offer you galleries of images that can be used for your creations of posters, banners, flyers or illustrations of documents and websites. Between creativity and poetry, I can help you stand out and create a visual universe.

 I can also organize photo shoots to order to meet the visual needs of your advertising or communication project. I will be able to follow precise specifications with artistic choices, models and visual situations that you have defined or work with you on the search for staging or the development of a storyboard from your objectives.  


  The treatment and level of retouching of the photographs will depend on the purpose of the project. This retouching will include colorimetry, contrast, sharpness, dodge & burn, image cleaning, straightening of perspectives and possible transformations. The people or objects photographed will benefit from extensive processing (skin cleansing, work on the eyes, teeth whitening, light reduction of any dark circles and wrinkles, cleaning of any undesirable elements, etc.)

    Beyond photographic shooting, retouching, image processing and certain special effects, I can also design for you visuals that meet your needs. I will be able to take the photographs according to the specifications requested. My aesthetic and artistic senses may also be required if you wish to be accompanied for the visual choices.  I will be able to invest myself in your project at different levels of conception and realization.

photo produit vin
publicité bonbons vosges
plage couple dunkerque
photo publicitaire femme élégance whisky
What are the prices for these services?

  For any service in advertising and communication photography, a precise estimate will be communicated to you as soon as we have defined together the nature of the project, the number of photographs to be taken, according to which criteria and which specifications. loads. Many variables will come into play in developing the quote. This is why a time of discussion prior to any project will be necessary. It will be necessary to be rigorous in the development of the specifications if this one has not already been carried out by your care.

      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb5cfb-58d_badIn the costing of the estimate, it is particularly necessary to take into account the rights of use of these images. They will be calculated according to the targeted geographical area, the duration of the transfer, the estimated number of publications and above all the planned media (Print, Poster, Web, etc.) The prices offered by SAIF will most often be my basis of calculation for these transfers of rights.

      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb5cfb-58d_badFor any information or quote request, I encourage you to contact me by email or phone.

Visuels publicitaires
pour les TPE et les Indépendants

Pour vos photos de produits ou de service,
possibilité de réalisation de visuels publicitaires simples et uniques 
pour alimenter vos diffusions numériques ou vos documents d'information :

Devis réalisés sur-mesure en fonction du produit
et de la complexité de réalisation.

Possibilité de travaux simples et rapides pour
valoriser sobrement et efficacement vos produits ou vos services.

-  Photographie du produit en studio (ou réalisation d'images représentatives de vos services et/ou portrait pro en action )

-  Détourage ou travail sur le fond studio

-  Mise en scène du visuel publicitaire par photomontage

-  Utilisation de ma banque photographique personnelle pour les arrière plans ou création d'un fond visuel unique par un service d'Intelligence Artificielle (MidJourney ou Adobe Firefly 2).

Quelques exemples possibles :

Exemple visuel publicitaire pour TPE
Exemple visuel publicitaire pour TPE
Exemple visuel publicitaire pour TPE
Exemple visuel publicitaire pour TPE
Exemple visuel publicitaire pour TPE
Exemple visuel publicitaire pour TPE

NOTE :  Pour des soucis de rapidité et d'efficacité de visionnage du site, toutes les photographies et vidéos présentées ici ont une qualité minimale, non représentative de la qualité des originaux.

Certaines photographies sont des projets personnels et ne correspondent pas à de véritables

affiches publicitaires produites par la marque en question.

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