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Questions, answers...

- Are many photos taken during the shoot?

          Oui, dans la plupart photo shoots, many photos are taken by the photographer in order to have a maximum of possibilities in the choices and to secure the quality of the photos (eyes closed, blurring of movement, annoying reflections, etc.). Several positions, postures, scenarios and expressions are carried out during the shoot, which involves a lot of shots. To sum up, it's often an intense moment during which you don't have time to get bored. However, only the most interesting photos will be chosen and presented to the client. We really only keep the best.


- How are the photos delivered to the client?

          Sauf demande particulière, les photos are delivered in digital format by a private digital gallery accessible with a password. A link to this gallery and your personal password will be sent to you by email or given to you on the day of the shoot. From this gallery you can view the different photographs as well as download them in HD format (high quality JPEG without compression) and in lighter format for the Web and social networks.

          Concernant les photographies imprimées ou framed, the laboratory I have commissioned will send them directly to your address. For large format and high value frames, I may take care of the delivery myself.


- Do you take ID and passport photos?

          Non, je ne réalise not this type of service. The standards are quite strict and I do not have the equipment defined by law to be able to print photos of this kind. It is also a personal choice.


- Why are there so many price differences between photographers?

        (when available) for what appears to be an identical benefit. Some photographers will offer, for example, a real estate photography session at 30 euros, others at 500 euros... We suspect that part of the difference in price will be in the quality of the work done and the working time. devoted to the project. A quality photo takes time, both in preparation and in production when it is necessary to use extra lights, to stage the object to be photographed but especially in time for photographic retouching (color balance, sharpness, contrast, assembly of different shots, cleaning, etc...). Skills to achieve a high level of requirement in shooting and image processing are also values that have a cost. Of course, the price differences will also be linked to the level of taxation and VAT of the company, according to its legal status. Without necessarily wanting to "roll in gold", a photographer must be able to cover his operating costs, the maintenance of the equipment and quite simply be able to generate a "salary".

      is probably that its level of requirement in the quality of the rendering does not correspond to you. Not everyone needs to have perfect photos even at high magnification, with colorimetric corrections in the shadows or other... 

      Depending on your needs and the expected level of requirement, you will not choose the same photographer and therefore the same prices . However, we must be aware that at a time when images are present everywhere, a form of trivialization is taking hold. We "see" the images but we tend, more and more, to no longer "look" at them! A carefully crafted image, even unconsciously at first glance, will always stand out from the lot of images you can view on the chain during a day. In sectors of activity or artistic fields, where standing out from others is an unavoidable force, high quality (and therefore more expensive) photographs will undoubtedly help to achievement of your goal.

        work of the chosen photographer.


- How long does a photo session last?

          Cela dépend, du forfait chosen or your needs. Private shoots generally last at least an hour. This is the minimum necessary to take beautiful shots because taking beautiful photos takes time, being comfortable in front of the lens as well. However, a creative or more advanced shoot can often last several hours.


- Can we come accompanied for an individual portrait session?

          Oui bien sûr, si this can make you feel more comfortable, that it does not interfere with the smooth running of the session and that it is only one person, no problem. Especially since I may take advantage of this person to "assist" me (like holding a reflector, keeping a bag, or a phone too visible in the pocket of the model's pants, for example...) opportunity is the thief as they say...


- I've never posed in a real photo shoot, is that a problem?

          Il faut un début à just as they say. And although it is not always easy to "pose" in front of a photographer, at least for the first few minutes, I will be able to put you at ease and create a pleasant atmosphere so that you can give the best of yourself. With a little experience, we realize that it is not so difficult and we are often surprised (positively) by the result. Everything is a matter of trust and ease between the model and the photographer. In the end, it remains a human encounter and we very often spend a pleasant moment of exchange and work.


- How to dress for a shoot? What should be planned?

          Votre tenue sera importante dans the rendering of the photos and especially in the image that you want to give of yourself, it is therefore an element not to be neglected like the hairstyle and the make-up for example. The main thing, however, will remain to be in an outfit in which you feel comfortable and that you like. For dark clothes especially, remember to clean them well with a dust brush before the shoot (especially in the studio where all the details stand out cruelly).


- I'm not photogenic, so is it worth doing a photo shoot?

          S'il est vrai that some people naturally tend to be "photogenic", everyone can have great portrait photos. It is precisely the job of the photographer to put you in confidence and find how to value the personality that you are. A portrait is not just a photo where you smile "stupidly" it's a way of representing yourself. And you have to know how to be original and be sincere in what you show of yourself. It is also an experience to live and why not a kind of therapy to learn to love yourself more. It is up to the professional eye of the photographer to then know how to make the right choices in the many photos taken during the shoot.


- Do you also work in Belgium?

  _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d _ Flemish. My current level is still that of a beginner, however, it will be necessary to use French to prepare a service and contact me. But I promise, I'm trying to find more time to continue my learning. Of course, as for any service beyond a certain distance around my studio, it will be necessary to add additional costs related to transport.


- Do you work on Sundays?

          Non, en général je does not work on Sundays for services intended for professionals. However, I remain available possibly on certain Sundays for services that could not really be carried out on another day, such as event reports for example.


- Do you use filters to render the photos?

          Non, chaque photos, color or black and white is processed individually. Corrections and retouching are different for each photo with the aim of having the best possible result given the context of the original image. Colored Black and White treatments, turns as they say, are however possible if the client wishes but it will not be in my habit to do it spontaneously.


What is studio photography?

          Le studio est une pièce furnished with one or more colored backgrounds and various lighting equipment. Studio photography allows you to have total control of light and darkness, thanks to different studio flashes (big powerful flashes), light diffusers and reflectors of different kinds. It also makes it possible to have neutral backgrounds (black, white or other) and to create a particular atmosphere. The photo studio always has a more cinematic and professional aspect. It's an experience in itself, another way of being photographed. It allows to escape the constraints of the outside in terms of temperature, wind and light. However, it requires a lot of equipment, experience and accessories. But also a time of preparation concerning the possible decoration and the lights especially.


- What is a creative or narrative portrait?

          Un portrait créatif est un portrait in which we try to tell a story. It's a bit like being an actress or a movie actor. These are artistic portraits that require a long reflection and preparation beforehand. They generally require clothes and accessories from specific sets. They can be done in the studio (with decorative elements and accessories) or outdoors (in a place adapted to the desired atmosphere).


- What are flashes, diffusers and reflectors used for?

          Utilisés en studio mais aussi sometimes outdoors (lighter and more limited equipment), these tools make it possible to better control the light, limit the constraints of the environment (shadows, excessively intense sunlight, etc.) and the weather. In short, they often allow a much better quality rendering and a unique touch that is not found in a photo taken without it.


- What is professional photo editing?

          Une retouche photographique professionnelle est a process with many steps.

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_A first basic processing step: correction of perspectives, gray balance, contrast, balance of shadows and bright parts, colorimetry, sharpness, processing of any digital noise , etc…

          Une seconde étape avec le cleaning and removal of some unwanted elements on the photo and especially in the background. Cleaning of dust and various defects. Basic retouching of the faces, with cleaning of unwelcome "pimples" and "redness", attenuation of certain unsightly shadows, treatment of the eyes and contrast microphones, in particular in the hair (if there is hair... Me for example... But I make up for it on the beard). Cleaning of any dust on dark clothes.

          La retouche est faite manuellement and individualized for each photo, in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.


- What is a “beauty” touch-up?

          Une retouche beauté est une very thorough retouching, of the body but mainly of the face. This is the kind of retouching found in fashion photography. It's a very advanced retouching that requires a lot of time and practice to have a quality rendering without being artificial as a vulgar skin filter will do. A beauty retouch generally takes at least one to two hours of work per photo… 

          ) at the request of the client: Reduction or increase of certain parts of the body, partial or total erasure of certain wrinkles, moles and certain skin defects, traces of cellulite, excessively visible veins, etc.)


- Can we take studio type photos in an outdoor location or at someone's house?

          Oui, une grande partie studio equipment, mobile background, lighting stands and studio flashes can be transported. This type of trip is always more complicated and time consuming due to the preparation and adjustment time of the equipment. It also requires a fairly large room with a fairly high ceiling.


- Why does a couple or family portrait cost more than an individual portrait?

          Il est toujours plus difficile to photograph a group (even of two people) because giving instructions takes more time. The more people there are, the more there is also the risk of a missed photo (eyes closed, blurring of movement, unfavorable expression, etc.). But it is especially for the retouching that there is more work. More face and therefore more retouching to do even when it remains quite simple. A couple photo therefore requires more work and time than for a single person.


- How do I know if I will be satisfied with the result and the quality of your photos?

          Le portfolio sert à vous show the kind of photography I do and my style from a general point of view. Explore the different sections to get an idea of the technical and aesthetic level of my photographs. If you like my style, there's no reason for you to be disappointed. Well, I'm crossing my fingers!


- What means of payment do you accept?

          Je privilégie les règlements par bank transfer to my pro account but for individuals, I also accept payment in cash or by check. A numbered invoice will always be delivered regardless of the payment method used. A credit card payment system is also available, with the Henrri Pay application and the Easytransac system with the 3D Secure option. This payment by credit card is available online but also during a session, via my iphone which can be used as a secure payment terminal. A commission of 1.9% being deducted from each credit card transaction, this is of course an option that I prefer to limit as much as possible… Concerning checks, the delivery of any service will only be done once its validity has been checked and cashed.


- When should the payment be made during the service?

          Pour les entreprises, les Payments are usually made upon delivery of the photographs or videos. This is to be defined at the time of the quote. A deposit may be requested depending on the level and cost of the service requested before or on the day of performance.

          Pour les particuliers, les payments are made on the day of the service. An invoice detailing the service and services to be provided to the customer (digital delivery and any prints or frames to be made) will be given in exchange.


- How are the prices set?

          Comme toute entreprise et tout liberal worker, the professional photographer has operating costs and must pay social charges, taxes and VAT. Photographic equipment is expensive and plentiful (cameras, lenses, different flashes, tripods, reflectors, filters, backgrounds, etc.) and computer equipment and software must be efficient. All this obviously has an impact on prices.

          De même préparer un shooting takes time but it is above all the post-production, invisible to the client, which costs a lot of work. The sorting of the photos, the basic digital processing but above all the retouching when they are qualitative and individualized ultimately represent a large part of the time devoted to a service.

          Une simple heure de shooting therefore in fact most often represents several hours of work for the photographer. A quality rendering takes time and energy.

          Les tarifs tiennent donc compte of all these costs, the necessary working time and of course the added value provided by the photographer's gaze.


- How are additional travel costs calculated?

          Au-delà d' certain travel distance around my studio (usually 20 km in most formulas but this can vary), I charge additional travel costs. Count around0.65 euros including tax per additional kilometer (round trip)beyond the kilometers included in the base fare for transportation by car. This price includes the general cost, the movement of the material and the transport time.

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Example :A Dunkirk-Lille route is indicated at 74 km on the route), i.e. 54 km beyond the 20 km included (and therefore 108 km round trip) in the basic services. A supplement of 70.20 euros including tax (108 x 0.65) will therefore be added to the estimate.

      In the event of a journey with a toll (round trip) or compulsory paid parking, an additional fee will be added. For long-distance travel or using another means of transport than the car, a more precise estimate must be made and provided in the quote.


          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ For distance calculations, refer to the, the shortest way, from my current city: Dunkerque (59140).

- Can we be reimbursed?

          Dans le cadre d' an individual, there will be no refund of the service if it took place entirely and as agreed in the estimate. The only possible reimbursement possibilities relate to prints and frames made by the partner laboratory if a printing error was found (damaged or incomplete image, defective paper or printing defects). The frames and wall decorations must be checked by the customer on the day of receipt, in front of the delivery person, before being accepted. Any framing or wall decoration accepted on the day of delivery cannot be subject to a refund linked to a possible assembly or printing defect!


- I have already paid and carried out my photo shoot and finally I wanted to have my photos printed or framed, is it too late?

          Aucun problème, les photos are delivered on a private digital gallery but which allows you to print or frame the photos you want in different formats. The photographs are then delivered directly to your home, once the photo lab to which I will have entrusted the print has completed its printing work. Everything will be done from the personalized private gallery (or by contacting me if you can't find a support or format that suits you).


- What is the difference with a photo taken with my phone?

          Même si les téléphones actuels do, it is true, very beautiful photos (especially for landscapes), they will never have the same purpose or the same quality as those taken with professional equipment, which is heavier and more complex. Phone photos are intended for viewing on small screens or for printing small sizes. The often impressive pixel sizes of these “smartphone-like” photos are, however, misleading marketing effects and filters are systematically applied to smooth the image and give more contrast to the colors in ways that are not always very subtle. In the end, if we enlarge these images of telephones a little, we often see poor quality (For professional use and a quality impression of course. -even regularly my phone for some utility photos).

          Des optiques complexes parfois excessivement expensive, high-performance devices in terms of image finesse, speed and responsiveness as well as advanced processing with software such as Photoshop, will necessarily provide much higher quality images. Above all, the processing will be truly adapted to each image and not mechanically applied by an AI that can be improved and has no real capacity for aesthetic and “artistic” judgment.

          Tout dépend bien entendu de what type of photo you need and for what use. But if you are looking for a photographer, it is undoubtedly because you need superior quality, precise in every detail, meeting demanding specifications and above all, a professional look.


- What is the difference between a photo with the status of an Art photo (numbered and signed) and a simple photograph?

          Une photo d'Art has a special legal and fiscal status. It is a photograph drawn, printed (and often framed) according to the instructions of its Author, numbered and signed (certificate of authenticity) by him. These photos are limited in number of copies and therefore have a value of this fact. As far as I am concerned, my Art prints are limited to a maximum of 10 copies, numbered and signed.

          Les photographies peuvent être achetées also without Art photo status. However, these photographs will have a different legal and tax status and their potential value will obviously be much lower.

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